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private villa in pettenasco


address        Pettenasco (VB)

period            2009




the project for this villa with béton brut walls is fascinating but also simple. for some strange alchemy between opposites, any object with a minimum degree of finishing emits great expressive strength when compared to walls that are so rough that they show the signs of rust left by the moulds and the imperfections of the béton. this is all the more true if the comparison is between béton brut and noble materials such as wood. the entire house is an endless juxtaposition between béton and pieces of furiture made with types of wood different in shape but of a similar colour. someof the fitted-in furniture has pure clear-cut geometric shapes as if it were an extension of béton brut walls. the rest of the furniture, bought from a catalogue, has soft shapes and light coloured upholstery. the result is a home that is, at the same time, rigorous and welcoming.









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