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urban vegetable gardens


address         Melzo  (MI)

period            2011- 2012




this spot, where many social and recreational activities are already organized, is the ideal for the integration of a facility where citizien can try out new sustainibility and socialization modes. the creation of an urban vegetable garden meets the goals that the local government has set in order to improve the well-being of citiziens, both from an environmental and european union standpoint. thanks to the regular shape of the plot it was possible to build a right angle grid based on the alignment of the existing buildings and to create an orderly and geometric scheme. the lots, divided in 6.5x5 meter parcels, are located in the grid. the parcels determine the sizeof each garden. besides the vegetable gardens, the requalification of the area envisages the creation of facilities for common activities and the reorganization of the acces to the area.






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